Happy Birthday and Welcome!

Happy Birthday!


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January Birthdays

In astrology, those born between January 1st and 19th are Capricorn’s Goats. Capricorns are independent, detail-oriented, patient, and self-sufficient. These qualities help the sure-footed goats achieve stability and security. Those born between January 20th and 31st are Water Bearers of Aquarius. Aquarians may be shy and quiet, but they are energetic, unique, and independent visionaries. They are often unemotional, intellectual, and will pursue wisdom to the ends of the earth.

We, the staff at Golden Palms Retirement and Health Center, would like to start off the New Year by welcoming our new resident as an important part of our community. Residents like you make Golden Palms the one-of-a-kind community that it is. Decisions regarding your home and family are important. We are happy you chose Golden Palms Retirement and Health Center, as your home and we hope you find it to be a happy one!

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