Thank You Consigment Shoppe

— A BBQ pit was purchased by the consignment shoppe and set up at the courtyard for the use of our residents. So now everyone can enjoy a BBQ once in awhile.

Were Are Here For You…

— Recently we got sad news that one of employees Joe C. lost his house due to a fire. Residents decided to get together and collected a donation to help out. A big thank you goes out to our residents for having a big heart.

Recognizing Our Employees

— Unsung Heroes from Maintenance Department This past months has been hectic with Spetrum cable people here and we all know we pulled you every which way, out of your busy schedule and without a fuss you are were there to help both residents and employees. And so we thank you for going above and beyond.... Read More

Quen C. is an Artist

— Remember the article posted on the September issue where the story of Quen’s paintings in Sandwich, Illinois. Well now that Quen lives here at Golden Palms she still loves to paint. Here is one of her latest outdoor paintings.

Happy Birthday!

— Residents Freda M. 5/02 Bruce D. 5/08 Martin H. 5/11 Linda S. 5/12 Grady M. 5/12 Joye S. 5/13 Gloria F. 5/13 Peggy V. 5/15 Georgia M. 5/19 Verne S. 5/22 Neta V. 5/28 Eileen T. 5/ 29 Staff Carlos T. 5/04 Julio R. 5/09 Margie H. 5/16 Ricky M. 5/17 Adiana M. 5/19 Rodrigo... Read More

Clouds and Life

— Written by Nancy G., Golden Palms Resident Looking at the clouds sometimes we can see:                 A face, an animal; maybe a tree, They move from place changing their form:                 Now a mountain; a dog; even a new born. At times clouds move very slow; at other times fast.                 A dark day; bright... Read More

Golden Year at Golden Palms

— By Elsie B. Golden Palms Resident Retirement at Golden Palms is Wonderful. We are pampered, petted, cajoled, catered to. We are well cared for to content. We, who raised the “Me” generation, are now retired and entitled (?). Want to put that gleam back in your eye, that spring in your step? Think of others.... Read More

Doc’s Corner

— By the time this is printed, several recently received books will be on the shelves. Most of them are not fiction but deserve a reading. In the second room to the right and in the history collections are MOUNTAIN MEN by Laycock and LEWIS and CLARK AMONG THE INDIANS by Ronda. In the same room... Read More

Just a Note: Thoughts About the Staff

— The moment you walk through the glass doors you are immediately taken aback by the simple grandeur of the scenery before you. From the grandfather clocks on either wall to the baby grand piano sitting in the corner to the friendly faces that greet you at the receptionist desk you know you have walked into... Read More

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

— Happy Birthday! Residents Margaret A. April 11 Peggy P. April 12 Betty R. April 21 Helen S. April 22 Staff April M. April 2 Thomas W. April 6 Anadalia L. April 8 Cesar L. April 19 Art C. April 20 Paula T. April 20 Happy Anniversary! Harold & Nancy G. April 17